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Crawford’s Statement

We believe that our customers (consumers) are entitled to the best service possible and that the restoration of the customers vehicle to pre-accident condition using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and manufacturer recommended procedures is the best means for achieving accurate results.

We believe that any attempt by a third-party payee to subordinate these standards or deny sufficient budget as to obtain these objectives to be both a violation and direct threat to our ability to fulfill our commitment to our consumers, ourselves and our employees.

  • Your insurance company is required to pay the amount necessary to return the motor vehicle to its same condition just prior to the damage in question. You are not required to use any specific repair shop.

Excerpted from “Your Guide to Auto Insurance Premiums” – Page 3 Pennsylvania Insurance Department

  • If the vehicle you own has been damaged, the decision of where the vehicle is to be repaired is yours. No insurer, adjuster, appraiser or agent shall require that repairs be made at a specific repair facility.

Excerpted from “Insurance Tips for Pennsylvania Consumers” – Page 2 Pennsylvania Insurance Department


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