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Oct 29, 2021

If you have been in an automobile accident that has required major repairs to your automobile or truck we recommend you have a SAFECAR Post Repair Inspection performed on your vehicle.

What is a PRI Inspection?  

A Post-Repair-Inspection is where a qualified technician double checks the repairs that have been previously performed on your vehicle to make sure the repairs follow the original manufacturer’s recommended repair and refinish procedures using original manufactured parts.

Why would I want a post repair inspection? 

In the world of auto body collision repair, the majority of repairs fall in the category of a third party payer of services. The entity that is responsible to cover the cost of the repairs is usually an insurance company. FYI – Insurance companies have established referral networks and Direct Repair Shops (DRP) within the marketplace whose contracted obligation is to follow the estimating and repair guidelines of their insurance partner versus the original manufacturer’s recommendations. Many of these contracted repair shops have based their business profile on a high volume of vehicle repairs performed as quick and as cheaply as they can turn out the work. This, combined with the insurance partners demand for imitation and used parts, creates a questionable repair product when the quest for profit overshadows quality. As we go about our SAFECAR Post-Repair-Inspections, areas are identified where repair shops have cut corners and sent their customers out onto the highways with improperly repaired vehicles.

SAFECAR Post-Repair-Inspections take place when our customers have made the choice to follow their insurance company’s direction to the DRP facility. Unknowingly your vehicle may have been subjected to improper parts, repairs and refinishing procedures. We can usually spot these type of issues with an on-the-spot inspection which we offer as a no charge service to our customers in an attempt to help them receive the proper auto body repair service. Just give us a call and ask for an appointment when you can drive in to have your vehicle  inspected. We will ask you to bring along any paperwork you received from the repair shop or insurance company and together we can inspect your vehicle. There is no charge for this service and if we find areas that need to be addressed we can discuss how you would like to move forward with corrective repairs.

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