Barb was extremely helpful after my car was totaled. From getting my things from the car to dealing with the insurance adjusters. Can’t thank here enough. Would recommend this place to anyone.

– David E., Customer | June 2018 | Google Reviews

“Could not have imagined a better more customer oriented place to take my car – from here on out this is the only place I will recommend or take my car to. Crawford’s coached me through an almost 2 month long claims process (with an insurance company that was creating hassles and obstacles )to get to a settlement for my totaled vehicle. They went out of their way to literally educate me on how my policy works and how insurance claims work from start to finish. I wanted this educational process and feel it is invaluable to me as a young consumer. I also do not know where else I could have been taught this other than a willing, highly educated person which the owner Steve is.
Because of them my settlement came to be fair and reasonable to me as a consumer despite the insurance company. They are honest, kind, patient, and giving of their time.

I would place Crawford’s above the rest and in their own category. I didn’t get work done on my car since my circumstances were not applicable to that but I certainly Will if I ever need it. They have been around for over 30 years. I can see that they have been keeping customers happy for a long time.”

– Julia S., Customer | May 2018 | Yelp.com

“Most reliable, honest people I’ve ever met! They felt like family the first time I met them. I’ll never go anywhere else again.”

– Casey J., Customer | May 2018 | Facebook Review

“Crawford’s is the best. Great service, super professional and knowledgeable in the fields of auto service, repair and towing, storage- especially dealing with accidents and insurance companies- they keep their clients informed and provide sanity and fair pricing in what can be a traumatic and frustrating situation.”

– Tracey G., Customer | June 2018 | Yelp.com

Crawford’s Auto Center is a great locally based family business, I have been using them for years. I have used them for Towing, Mechanical Services, and Collision Services. Recently this fall I had a deer hit and they were quick with the repairs. Steve, Barb, and Staff always put their customers as their first priority, they work for me NOT the insurance company. I would suggest them to anyone who needs assistance with an accident or if they feel they are being taken advantage of by the insurance company. Steve and Barb are very knowledgeable and can help you out.

– Matthew Y., Customer | February 2018 | Google Reviews

“Great service. Always so pleasant and caring to help out. Thank you!!”

– Brandon H., Customer | February 2018 | Google Reviews

These people work tirelessly to provide excellent service . My vehicle had extensive damage . Steve and barb maintained continuous contact with me via e mail and text throughout the repair . They dealt with the rental car company for me and provided me with rental vehicle above what I expected .. I learned later this was due to the awesome relationship they have with the rental company . My car was return in perfect condition it was clean and I am so happy I choose this shop . They worked for me and helped me get what I deserved. I would also like to note this shop was 45 minutes from my home. I did not choose them based on convenience, I choose them because they promised to provide excellent work and excellent communication . I received both and more .. they always had my interests as a priority… if I needed a shop tomorrow I would choose Crawford’s .. Thank you Steve and Barb

– Michelle G., Customer | February 2018 | Google Reviews

This family business is the place to go for your car troubles! They do excellent mechanical work as well as towing services. They put their customers first and are extremely hard workers! Customer service is fantastic! Check it out!

– Michelle F., Customer | February 2018 | Google Reviews

Great family owned business. My car looked brand new!

– Bill B., Customer | February 2018 | Google Reviews

I just picked up my 2013 Nissan Versa whose fender was damaged in an accident. My car was beautifully repaired, looks brand new, smells brand new. Crawfords are the nicest people to do business with – kind and caring and thorough.They take care of everything. THANK YOU!!!

– Betsy S., Customer | January 2018 | Facebook Reviews

“My wife’s van was in an accident and all I had to do was drop the van off, get my rental car and then when everything was done I picked up the van. Every step of the way Steve and Barb deal with the insurance company to make sure my van back in its original condition.

I even left the rental at the shop and they took care of returning the car.

I found a great honest shop.

Thank you Crawford family.”

– Robin P., Customer | January 2018 | Facebook Reviews

“Our Family has been going to Crawford’s for years.
Steve and Barb treat you like family. We just had two accidents within a months time and the repairs are flawless.
Crawford’s use new parts not used or aftermarket to make your car better than new.
You should go to no other repair center only Crawfords.”

– Ed H., Customer | January 2018 | Facebook Reviews

The overwhelming generosity, kindness and caring during my time of need has been a true blessing. I absolutely will remember these people and would recommend to anyone broke down or needing car work in this area.

– Cassandra V., Customer | January 2018 | Google Reviews

“I had a relatively small issue with my car but am so happy that I went to Crawford’s. The folks in the office were extremely efficient and friendly. The entire process went so much more smoothly than I had anticipated and the price was good too. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to have work done on their car. Thanks Crawford’s for the great job!”

– Lois J., Customer | September 2017 | Yelp.com

“I chose Crawford’s to fix my car’s bumper simply by reading reviews and their family business history. I had no idea where to go so I went with my gut instinct and well, did I strike gold!
Owner’s Steve and Barb Behrndt are two of the loveliest people I have ever met. And they run a business the way business’s should be run. They are honest, knowledgeable, reliable, and excellent at what they do. But more than that, you will never find two people who care so much about their clients and making sure that they are fairly treated as consumers. They discovered when I brought my car in, that the paint job that I had done three years ago from a bad accident was done with very poor quality paint. To quote Steve, “your Lexus was basically vandalized”. Both he and Barb went (and are STILL) going above and beyond to find a way to get the paint redone on my car properly since as a consumer I was basically scammed by the company that did the work in 2014. (by the way all of Barb and Steve’s leg work was done on their own time and I was never charged a cent) We have had no luck so far with the Insurance company (who could take a few tips in customer service from Barb and Steve) nor the auto body shop that they sent my car to. But, whether we are successful in this endeavor or not, I will be forever amazed and grateful for the time and effort that The Behrndt’s put into this debacle. I will NEVER go anywhere else for body work, towing or mechanics. EVER! And you shouldn’t either. I love these people. If I could give them 20 stars I would!!!”

– Judith M., Customer | August 2017 | Facebook Reviews

I have done business with Crawford multiple times. They are on your side and handle all the details. No Worries

– James G., Customer | 2017 | Google Reviews

Friendly, Fair Prices, and Quality Work. When you call for a tow truck they are able to come out in a reasonable time. Would Recommend.

– Michael E., Customer | June 2017 | Google Reviews

“I can’t say enough good things about Crawford’s. They took excellent care of me from the minute my car was towed there. Offered to help me with the car rental store, any other post follow-up work that may need to be done etc. They also assisted me in getting things out of my car during the time it was being fixed, any time I called, I was treated with a friendly voice and kindness. When my car was done, it looked fantastic. Also, it was very clean, outside and in. They had even emptied my trash bag! If I ever need body work again (I hope not) I will definitely go there. I strongly recommend Crawford’s for their service.”

– Debi O., Customer | June 2017 | Yelp.com

“Thank you to Barb and everyone at Crawfords who helped my husband and I with our car accidents. Even though my husband’s car couldn’t be fixed Barb helped him through the process with the insurance company. With my accident they fixed it and it looks amazing. Highly recommend them for everything !”

– Debby B., Customer | February 2017 | Facebook Reviews

“I was in an accident on Dec 27 and my vehicle was badly damaged and towed to Crawfords. I went to clean my car out on December 29th and was followed by a man who made me feel like I was taking something from my own vehicle. I told the woman inside several times that my car was to be released to my insurance company. I have been told by my insurance company that woman keeps telling them my car has not been released by me. We attemped to do a three way conference call today, as soon the my insurance person said who she was, this woman stated she was on a call with ATT and to call back. My car is being held hostage. I hereby on facebook give Crawfords permission to release my vehicle to my insurance company.”

– Donna B., Customer | January 2017 | Facebook Reviews

“Barb is the very best. She and the crew at Crawford’s genuinely care about “you”. Barb gave me free advice about dealing with my insurance company and my totalled vehicle. She simply wanted to protect my interests, even knowing that they were getting zero business out if it.
Her advice allowed me to get full value for my car within a very short time with minimal negotiation on my part.
I can not say,enough about Barb and her integrity and Crawford’s high idea of service.”

– Scott B., Customer | June 2016 | Facebook Reviews

“On Monday my starter motor died. Crawford’s towed my car to their shop and had my car ready by Tuesday morning. This kind of service is all too rare today which is the reason they earned 5 stars from me.”

– Steve P., Customer | November 2016 | Facebook Reviews

My car wouldn’t start on a Saturday and I needed to call a tow truck and found them on google and called and they said they’d send a tow, it’d be about 20 mins, got there in 10-15, the guy was so friendly and fast, got my car out of my parking spot and onto the truck in a busy parking lot so quickly and to the shop, the whole experience took about 50 minutes, much much appreciated!”

– Nicole R., Customer | 2016 | Google Reviews

“Great service. I had a mechanical issue with my Jeep Wrangler and they were able to fit me in right away and I was also able to get my PA state inspection done while my Jeep was at Crawford’s. I heard great things about Crawford’s from friends and family. My brother who is a US Marine got hit down at the beach two days after he got his 2014 Subaru BRZ. My brother was on leave for 3 weeks and needed to get in right away and Crawford’s was able to accommodate his needs and handled any issues with his insurance company. His Subaru BRZ looks great and runs great!! I highly suggest Crawford’s plus they are a family owned business and have been around for years.”

– Matthew Y., Customer | February 2016 | Yelp.com

My car was hit the day after I got it. Took it here and got it back a week and a half later no problems at all got brand new parts on the car and can barely tell anything happened. They understood that I need to come back down to NC and got it done ASAP. Great service great people and truly caring.”

– Nick Y., Customer | 2016 | Google Reviews

“Crawford’s is the BEST! They went above and beyond to help with insurance and found hidden damage. Got a rental for me and made sure my car was like new. I highly recommend Crawford’s.”

– Joanne S., Customer | December 2015 | Facebook Reviews

“Crawford’s is the best. I had a minor amount of body damage to my car. Progressive Insurance was not helpful and would not include basics in their estimate. One other reputable body shop did not even want the business because of how difficult the insurance company was being. Crawford’s handled my case with the best possible customer service. They fought for me with Progressive to make sure that my repairs were done correctly and not cheaply as Progressive would have preferred. I would recommend Crawford’s to anyone for auto body or car repair work. Thank you!”

– Phillip H., Customer | October 2015 | Yelp.com

“This is the ONLY shop that I will ever use! Crawford’s has amazing customer service, honesty and professionalism. I took my car to Crawford’s for a bumper replacement and asked them to check repair work that was done and redone from an accident 6 months earlier through another collision shop using the person who hit my car’s insurance. Crawford’s checked the work that was done previously, reported back that there were some major issues with the previous repairs and wanted my permission to report it to the insurance company that held the claim from the previous accident.

Crawford’s owners Steve and Barb helped me through the entire process including taking an enormous amount of time explaining the situation and answering all of my questions. Then they worked with the insurance adjuster and even met with the body shop owner who fixed my car incorrectly.

Crawford’s saved me from costly mistakes by educating me on my options with my car. Even though Crawford’s did not fix my car this time due the insurance company declaring my car as totaled, they have done quality work for me in the past. They are extremely good at explaining repairs, estimating the job, and making the correct repairs needed in the time quoted.

Crawford’s integrity is amazing, I wish that I could give Crawford’s more than 5 stars because they desire many, many more!”

– Beth R., Customer | May 2015 | Yelp.com

“Excellent customer service and workmanship. Hassle free process. Crawford’s dealt with the insurance company and arranged for a rental car. It was refreshing dealing with people that actually care about you and respected your time. Service was fast and efficient.
Thank You Crawford’s not just for the service, but for making my car look like it just came off of the showroom floor.”

– Lucille D., Customer | May 2015 | Yelp.com

We have had our cars repaired here for years. There is simply no one else we would use for car body work or towing. Steve and his staff are the best to work with. They take on all of the aggravation of the insurance company, fight for new parts instead of used parts and are champions in what they do. You will never be disappointed.

– Julie W., Customer | 2014 | Google Reviews

“My experience at Crawfords was excellent. The quality of work is outstanding. Steve and his staff should be complimented, I would recommend his service.”

– Kim B., Customer | October 2014 | Yelp.com

“Crawford’s works for the customer and puts them first, instead of the insurance company. I would recommend them as I know they have my best interests in mind when repairing my vehicle.”

– Gordon P., Customer | August 2014 | Facebook Reviews

“There are certain benchmarks in the business world that are either extremely rare or completely obsolete in this day and age. There are many, but one of them is “integrity.” Steve and his family-run business, Crawford’s Auto Center, EXEMPLIFIES integrity in business. They might even redefine it, come to think of it.

I was in a car accident in early November, with about $12,500 worth of damage. My terrible insurance company (I won’t name names, but it starts with an “S” and ends with a “tate Farm”) carelessly handled my claim and due to a couple of oversights, my car was in the shop for over a month. I had to get into a rental that ended up exceeding my rental car coverage ceiling. Also, my insurance company only offered to cover $7500 worth of damage.

Bottom line: Steve made all of the NECESSARY repairs to restore the car to it’s best possible condition, which was $3000 more than the insurance was offering to pay. I didn’t pay it, insurance didn’t pay it. That means Crawford’s ate it. Because what had to be repaired properly HAD to be repaired properly, regardless. Because Steve and his company have integrity. In addition, Steve also ate the extra $250 that I technically owed for the rental which wasn’t covered under my insurance. Because that’s just the kind of business man he is. And lastly, Steve gave me a full education on insurance companies, how they operate, the benefits and bad points of different carriers, etc.

I have never been treated the way I was treated by Crawford’s by any other business in my entire life. The business is a beacon of an example of an honest, credible, talented, caring business that obviously places customer service as a top priority. They have redefined customer service. Amazing people. And oh, by the way, the body work and repairs were perfect and meticulous. There is hope for humanity, people. Crawford’s is the reason why.

If you banged up your car and you live within 25 miles of this place. Have it towed there and don’t even think twice about it. TRUST me. I’m just a normal 41 year-old guy with a family, who works in law enforcement and can smell con artists and phony people from a mile away. Crawford’s is the real deal. God Bless them.”

– Mark L., Customer | December 2013 | Yelp.com

“Great customer service, honest and excellent work. Was in a tough spot when I had issues with not being able to open my rear front and passenger doors after a fender bender. This business is close to my house and I drive past it almost everyday. Pulled in without an appointment to hopefully have someone take a look and give me an estimate. Was also hoping to avoid going through insurance.

The front office is professionally decorated and staff very helpful. Without having me wait, they came out front and evaluated the situation and walked me through my options to repair. Its an older car and I did not want to spend thousands of $. I was not at all pressured or manipulated to get the entire side replaced which I’m sure would have been the case if I would have gone through a dealer. I chose to have the car doors made operable for the time being and will take some time to decide what I want to do about the dents.

They took the car in immediately and did a great job fixing the doors…they open and close like new. I felt the cost of the job was more then reasonable and I was very pleased with my entire experience at Crawford’s. I highly recommend this body shop and will be using them (hopefully not too frequently) in the future.”

– Rich H., Customer | May 2013 | Yelp.com

“I have always had exceptional service at Crawfords Auto center , but recently I was involved in a severe car accident. I received not just the unparalleled exceptional service that I expect. I also received excellent advice and information from Steve, the owner, on what my rights were and how to navigate through the insurance process. It was so impressive that he cared about me and what I was going through even though he had nothing to gain, as my car was totaled. In today’s world you don’t often come across selfless, kind, responsible and caring people like Steve. So if you find your self in need of any kind of auto body repair, I cannot think of anyone I would recommend more highly.”

– Annette M., Customer | April 2013 | Yelp.com

“In the winter of 2012, my 2000 Pontiac Grand AM slid on a patch of ice and I ended up involved in a fairly minor fender bender. The car was still completely functional, but the front end grille and bumper were broken, as well as a support bar behind the headlights.

I knew I had to get the car repaired, and i was recommended Crawford’s by several people. My Insurance company wanted me to take it to their shop, but I wanted my car repaired at a neutral location where I felt like I had some control over the decision making process. I chose Crawford’s, and to this day I don’t regret it one bit.

My insurance company called me after they reviewed my car and “Regretted to inform me that my car was totaled”. I asked how can that be? It looked terrible, but I knew for a fact the damage was just superficial. I was told the estimated repairs (4.2k) were going to be more then the value of my car (3.5k), and that is deemed to be a totaled car. They offered me a check for about 3.5 grand and wanted to be done with the claim.

I was furious. I told them I’d think about it and then went to see my car at the shop. I let some of my frustration out to the Owner, and he told me I was getting ripped off by the insurance company. He did some research on Kelly Blue Book, and printed up a page showing me my car was worth something more in the ballpark of like 5.4 grand

He told me to take the paper and show it to my insurance company, which I did. They reviewed the paper, Informed me that they had “made a mistake on the valuation of my vehicle” and would get the repairs authorized immediately.

My car has been working fine ever since. If, like me, you’re unsure what your rights are, or don’t know where to turn when you get into an accident this is the place to go. They’ll actually help you fight to get everything you deserve.”

-George M., Customer | April 2013 | Yelp.com

“I had my truck in about a year to two years ago right before thanksgiving, my thermostat housing was cracked, and my lower radiator hose was rubbing against one of my pulleys. I tried to repair it myself an had no luck. I had Crawfords come pick my truck up, they had the truck for about 3-4 days. They fixed my thermostat housing and found out why my lower radiator hose was rubbing against my pulley. My truck didn’t have the right radiator, so the worked around the problem and made it work. I was very pleased with the work they did and the time frame they did it in. I was able to go home for thanksgiving because of their hard work and determination! I will recommend Crawfords to my friends and anyone looking for a great shop to get their vehicle fixed!”

– Sean F., Customer | March 2013 | Yelp.com

“A great family run business with fast and friendly service. They are very knowledgeable and do whatever it takes to help and accommodate any problem big or small. When my Camry broke down in Maryland I didn’t know what to do. I was so frustrated trying to leave after a week long vacation and they offered to tow it all the way back to Downingtown to find out the problem. I was ready to get rid of my car after all the problems it had been giving me. It was fixed quickly and to my surprise it is still running strong with no problems after that!”

– James N., Customer | March 2013 | Yelp.com