“Crawford’s works for the customer and puts them first, instead of the insurance company. I would recommend them as I know they have my best interests in mind when repairing my vehicle.”
–Gordon P., Customer

“Crawford’s is the best. I had a minor amount of body damage to my car. Progressive Insurance was not helpful and would not include basics in their estimate. One other reputable body shop did not even want the business because of how difficult the insurance company was being. Crawford’s handled my case with the best possible customer service. They fought for me with Progressive to make sure that my repairs were done correctly and not cheaply as Progressive would have preferred. I would recommend Crawford’s to anyone for auto body or car repair work. Thank you!”
–Phillip H., Customer

“Could not have imagined a better more customer oriented place to take my car – from here on out this is the only place I will recommend or take my car to. Crawford’s coached me through an almost 2 month long claims process (with an insurance company that was creating hassles and obstacles )to get to a settlement for my totaled vehicle. They went out of their way to literally educate me on how my policy works and how insurance claims work from start to finish. I wanted this educational process and feel it is invaluable to me as a young consumer. I also do not know where else I could have been taught this other than a willing, highly educated person which the owner Steve is.

Because of them my settlement came to be fair and reasonable to me as a consumer despite the insurance company. They are honest, kind, patient, and giving of their time.

I would place Crawford’s above the rest and in their own category. I didn’t get work done on my car since my circumstances were not applicable to that but I certainly Will if I ever need it. They have been around for over 30 years. I can see that they have been keeping customers happy for a long time.”
–Julia S., Customer

“Great customer service, honest and excellent work. Was in a tough spot when I had issues with not being able to open my rear front and passenger doors after a fender bender. This business is close to my house and I drive past it almost everyday. Pulled in without an appointment to hopefully have someone take a look and give me an estimate. Was also hoping to avoid going through insurance.

The front office is professionally decorated and staff very helpful.
Without having me wait, they came out front and evaluated the situation and walked me through my options to repair. Its an older car and I did not want to spend thousands of $. I was not at all pressured or manipulated to get the entire side replaced which I’m sure would have been the case if I would have gone through a dealer. I chose to have the car doors made operable for the time being and will take some time to decide what I want to do about the dents.

They took the car in immediately and did a great job fixing the doors…they open and close like new. I felt the cost of the job was more then reasonable and I was very pleased with my entire experience at Crawfords.

I highly recommend this body shop and will be using them(hopefully not too frequently) in the future.”
–Rich H., Customer

“This is the ONLY shop that I will ever use! Crawford’s has amazing customer service, honesty and professionalism. I took my car to Crawford’s for a bumper replacement and asked them to check repair work that was done and redone from an accident 6 months earlier through another collision shop using the person who hit my car’s insurance. Crawford’s checked the work that was done previously, reported back that there were some major issues with the previous repairs and wanted my permission to report it to the insurance company that held the claim from the previous accident.

Crawford’s owners Steve and Barb helped me through the entire process including taking an enormous amount of time explaining the situation and answering all of my questions. Then they worked with the insurance adjuster and even met with the body shop owner who fixed my car incorrectly.

Crawford’s saved me from costly mistakes by educating me on my options with my car. Even though Crawford’s did not fix my car this time due the insurance company declaring my car as totaled, they have done quality work for me in the past. They are extremely good at explaining repairs, estimating the job, and making the correct repairs needed in the time quoted.

Crawford’s integrity is amazing, I wish that I could give Crawford’s more than 5 stars because they desire many, many more!”
–Beth R., Customer

“Crawford’s Auto Center is the ONLY place I trust to take my car! When I was in an accident they took amazing care of me, made sure I had a rental car, and speedily fixed my car to even more beautiful new! The employees are kind, honorable, and most importantly HONEST! If you don’t take your car here, you are either going to pay too much, settle for mediocre repair, or have to go back for more fixes. Don’t make an already difficult time after a car accident any more difficult; take it to Crawford’s!!”
–Kaitie Lynn, Customer

“We have had our cars repaired here for years.”
–Anonymous, Customer

“Steve is amazing, professional, reasonable and trustworthy. We had an uncomfortable situation where a friend hit out car and didn’t want to use insurance, and he did his best to keep prices down and beat the other estimate we got. Not only that, he is responsive, always available, helpful, and just an all around good guy. Seriously, look no further. The work they did was top notch – can’t even tell where we were hit.”
–Anonymous, Recent Customer

“We have had our cars repaired here for years. There is simply no one else we would use for car bodywork or towing. Steve and his staff are the best to work with. They take on all of the aggravation of the insurance company, fight for new parts instead of used parts and are champions in what they do. You will never be disappointed.”
–Julie Wells, Customer